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Zombie Parade Defense 3
Zombie Parade Defense 3

Zombie Parade Defense 3

Zombie Parade Defense 3 is an ongoing game series available on The third episode of the game offers an intensified fight against waves of stronger zombies. It is highly recommended to play in 2 or 3-player modes for optimal experience. However, if you choose to play in 1 player mode, take caution not to hit the newly added medic characters and instead seek their support. This will help your base survive for a longer duration. Additionally, utilize the newly added spider web defense system to your advantage. To win the game, you must survive a total of 10 waves.

Here are the game controls for each player:

Player 1:

  • Move: W, A, S, D
  • Switch Gun: Q
  • Go in/out Base: E

Player 2:

  • Move: Arrow Keys
  • Switch Gun:
  • Go in/out Base: L

Player 3:

  • Move: Y, G, H, L
  • Switch Gun: T
  • Go in/out Base: U

Furthermore, to activate weapons and power-ups, you can use the mouse.

Engage in the Zombie Parade Defense 3 and team up with your friends to overcome the challenging waves of zombies. Protect your base, coordinate your movements, and make strategic use of weapons and power-ups to emerge victorious. Good luck in your fight against the undead hordes!


Using Mouse

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