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C Virus Game: Outbreak
C Virus Game: Outbreak

C Virus Game: Outbreak

Welcome to the heart-pounding and chilling online game, C Virus Game: Outbreak! In this apocalyptic scenario, 90% of the world's population has fallen victim to a deadly virus, transforming them into bloodthirsty monsters. You are a former Marine suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and now you must summon all your courage and wit to find a way to escape and survive this nightmarish outbreak.

As you start the game, you find yourself alone in an abandoned building. The main doors are locked, leaving you trapped inside. Your only hope for survival is to locate three keys hidden somewhere in the entire structure, which will unlock your path to freedom. However, be warned, the place is infested with menacing enemies, and your first priority should be finding a weapon with sufficient ammunition to defend yourself.

Navigate through the eerie corridors and dimly lit rooms as you search for the keys and evade the relentless monsters lurking around every corner. The haunting atmosphere and intense gameplay will keep you on edge as you delve deeper into the unknown.

Survival will require agility and resourcefulness. Make use of the left Shift button to run when you need to escape dangerous situations or when time is of the essence.

As you progress in C Virus Game: Outbreak, you'll hone your self-defense skills and develop your survival instincts. If you enjoy the thrill of this game, be sure to check out other similar games like The Last Man to further test your abilities in the face of challenging situations.

Prepare yourself for a spine-chilling adventure and brace for the unknown horrors that await you in C Virus Game: Outbreak. Can you escape the clutches of the infected and survive the apocalypse? The fate of your character rests in your hands. Good luck, brave survivor!


  • Use the Spacebar to jump and the WASD keys to move around the building.
  • To attack or fire your weapon, use the left mouse button, ensuring you keep your aim steady and accurate to eliminate the approaching threats.
  • For interaction with various objects and the environment, use your mouse's right-click button to bring up the Functions menu. This will help you unlock doors, pick up items, and solve puzzles to progress further.

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