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Shoot your nightmare: Space Isolation
Shoot your nightmare: Space Isolation

Shoot your nightmare: Space Isolation

Step into the terrifying and unforgiving world of Shoot Your Nightmare: Space Isolation, a challenging and scary survival game set in the depths of space. Your mission is to defeat the alien monsters that have overrun your space station while uncovering the mystery of what happened to your crew. With danger lurking at every turn, survival is the only option as you confront disturbing extraterrestrial creatures.

Main Content:

You find yourself trapped on a space station with other inmates, surrounded by swarms of hostile alien monsters. To survive, you must venture deep into the spaceship, searching for clues about the fate of your crew and the reason for your isolation. But beware, the aliens are relentless and deadly, making every step a life-and-death struggle.

As you explore the spaceship, your primary objective is to arm yourself with weapons and take down the menacing alien creatures. Survival depends on your ability to stay one step ahead of the relentless attackers. Avoid the aliens at all costs, as one wrong move could turn you into their next victim.


  • Explore the vast and eerie spaceship, uncovering its dark secrets.
  • Encounter a variety of frightening and detailed alien monster models that will keep you on edge.
  • Enjoy the chance to respawn at the entrance, offering multiple attempts to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.


Enter the spine-chilling and nerve-wracking experience of Shoot Your Nightmare: Space Isolation, where survival is a constant battle against the horrors of deep space. Face off against gruesome alien creatures, discover the truth behind the space station's enigma, and fight for your life every step of the way.

Can you brave the relentless waves of alien monsters, unravel the mysteries of your abandoned space station, and escape this haunting nightmare? The fate of your character lies in your hands. Prepare yourself for the ultimate test of courage and survival, and dive into the depths of Shoot Your Nightmare: Space Isolation. Good luck, and may you emerge victorious from the darkest reaches of space!


  • Click to aim and fire your weapon, aiming for the aliens to defend yourself.
  • Use the WASD keys to move around the space station, exploring its darkest corners.
  • Jump using the Spacebar to avoid dangerous situations and gain an advantage over the alien foes.

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