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Skibidi Toilet Video Call
Skibidi Toilet Video Call

Skibidi Toilet Video Call

Skibidi Toilet Video Call is a unique and fun app game for Skibidi Toilet fans. With this app, players can make fake video calls with the popular Skibidi Toilet character and even chat with him live. The special thing here is that Skibidi Toilet will help you relieve the feeling of loneliness and boredom in your spare moments. With Skibidi Toilet Video Call, you can enjoy fun and humor every time you "meet" Skibidi Toilet through simulated video calls.

Developer and Release Date

Skibidi Toilet Video Call game is developed by a team of developers at the famous app development company. They created this game with the goal of helping players enjoy moments of fun entertainment and connect with the Skibidi Toilet character. The game launched on both iOS and Android platforms, attracting players from all over the world.

How to play Skibidi Toilet Video Call

When downloading and installing the game Skibidi Toilet Video Call, players will be greeted with a simple and friendly interface. The gameplay of the game is also very simple, allowing everyone to easily access and enjoy the experience.

Register and create an account

After installing the application, players need to register for an account by providing some basic information such as name, email address, and password. After completing the registration, the player can access the game and start the experience.

Create a simulated video call

After logging into the account, the player can choose to create a fake video call with Skibidi Toilet. They can customize the duration and content of the call, such as choosing a compelling story or a fun quiz for Skibidi Toilet to talk about during the call. Players can also change Skibidi Toilet's voice, from a normal voice to a funny voice or transform it into another famous voice.

Have a nice conversation with Skibidi Toilet

Once the emulator video call is created, the player will receive a call from the Skibidi Toilet. They can click the receive call button and start a fun and funny conversation with this character. Skibidi Toilet will come up with funny and interesting sayings, guaranteed to bring smiles and joy to players.

Outstanding Features of Skibidi Toilet Video Call

Video Call Simulator: The game allows players to create fake video calls with Skibidi Toilet, helping to create funny and entertaining moments.

Voice Changer: Players can change the voice of Skibidi Toilet to create unique and enjoyable video-calling experiences.

Simple and friendly interface: The game has a friendly user interface, easy to use, and is suitable for all types of players.

Relieve feelings of loneliness and boredom: Skibidi Toilet Video Call helps players enjoy fun and unique moments every time they chat with Skibidi Toilet.


Skibidi Toilet Video Call is a unique and funny entertainment game that helps players relieve stress and enjoy happy moments.


Use mouse

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