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Zombie Area
Zombie Area

Zombie Area

Get ready to fight and survive in the terrifying world of "Zombie Area" - a great survival shooting game. Your mission is to find a way to escape from the ferocious zombies while eliminating all the zombies trying to enter your house to survive. Your survival depends on your ability to defend your home against this terrifying attack.

As soon as you touch the window, a warning will sound if an enemy gets too close and you will need to touch the bomb to activate and attack them. Fortunately, you are also equipped with a radar that automatically detects enemies near you, giving you a clear view of the situation around you.

As you progress, you'll earn skill points that can be used to buy new skills as well as upgrade health, ammo, flashlight, and other important items. Be sure to stay on the go and keep an eye out for helpful power-ups and powerful weapons popping up around the battlefield. If you make good use of the power bonuses, you will have a better chance of survival.

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Immerse yourself in the tension and fire of "Zombie Area" and prepare for a fierce battle for survival. Are you brave enough and smart enough to survive the hordes of ferocious zombies? Try and prove your talent in this game!


Use mouse

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