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Noob VS Evil Granny
Noob VS Evil Granny

Noob VS Evil Granny

Noob VS Evil Granny: Rescue loved ones in a horror game

"Noob VS Evil Granny" is a new genre horror game, your mission is to rescue the one you love from the clutches of the evil Grandma and find a way out. The game offers a scary and fascinating experience when you have to confront the scary evil Grandma and the challenges rife with danger.


After the person you love is kidnapped by the evil Grandma, she disappears for a few days and doesn't show up for work. This mysterious absence makes you feel uneasy, but when you go to the police, they can't be of much help in solving the case. So, you decide to find out for yourself and rescue the person you love.

Your duties:

Your mission in "Noob VS Evil Granny" is to find a way to rescue the one you love from the clutches of the evil Grandma. You will have to explore the strange house where the Evil Grandmother hides and face the terrifying challenges and dangers of this rival. During the battle, you will find useful items, help you complete the quest and find a way out of this haunted house.

Important Note:

You will have to use the WASD keys to move and explore the mysterious space of the house.
The left mouse is used to shoot and counter the evil Grandma when she attacks you.
The right mouse helps you to aim accurately when attacking or shooting Evil Granny.
In addition, you can switch between different weapons using the mouse wheel.
Challenges and hazards in the game:
Evil granny is a scary and cruel monster, she is always stalking and attacking you from any place. You have to be careful and alert to avoid being rebuffed, and at the same time find a way to get rid of her. Each time you fail, Evil Granny will become more and more aggressive and difficult to confront.

Explore and consult:

In the course of the quest, you can also find the person you love and ask for her advice. She can provide hints and tips to help you find your way out of the Evil Granny.

Rate your courage:

"Noob VS Evil Granny" requires you to be brave and patient in this scary survival battle. Are you brave enough to face the threat lurking near you and rescue the one you love? Join this sinful adventure and discover your unexpected results.

If you love the horror game genre and want to face scary challenges, then "Noob VS Evil Granny" will definitely bring you wonderful and memorable experiences. Go on this adventure and prove you're the hero of the story.


Use mouse

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