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Forsake The Rake

Forsake The Rake

Welcome to "Forsake The Rake", a dramatic adventure game that takes you and your companions on a journey to uncover the truth about Rake and embark on a rescue mission. Your investigation has led you to the desolate forest, where a secret laboratory lies underground. Explore this abandoned laboratory to learn the truth about Rake.

When you arrive in the valley late at night, you find that the place is completely dark and everyone has disappeared. Turn on the flashlight and start moving from house to house to investigate each house. However, be wary because monsters can attack you at any time without warning. Your mission is to rescue your teammates and learn about the truth behind Rake.

Outstanding features of the game:

10 Challenging Levels to Complete: The game promises to take you into 10 levels full of adventure and excitement, from easy mysteries to dramatic difficult challenges.

High-quality 3D graphics: With beautiful 3D graphics, you will experience the game with sharp and vivid images, making your experience more amazing.

Ultra-smooth controls:

"Forsake The Rake" is designed with smooth controls, allowing you to move flexibly and quickly, keeping you focused and ready to face any challenge.

Guide play:

Use arrow keys or WASD keys to move your character.
Press "L" to turn on the flashlight and "Space" to run faster, helping you deal with dangerous situations.
Get ready for a great adventure, learn the mystery of Rake, and rescue your companions. So what are you waiting for, join "Forsake The Rake" today and challenge yourself in challenging levels! Don't forget to discover more new games on our site, such as "Dark Village".



Use mouse

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