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Murder is a first-person investigative game based on TV games like Werewolf that puts the player in the role of a homicide detective and sets out on a quiet mission to eliminate the king with a variety of weapons. In this game, you can play with three different roles: murderer, gunman or civilian. In addition, a player will be given a knife and ordered to eliminate every passerby. Meanwhile, civilians can find three clues and get a pistol to protect themselves.

Your mission as a murderer is to assassinate the king invisibly with various means, creating the conditions for a perfect murder. Faced with trials and dark intrigues, you must use wisdom and wisdom to accomplish your goals. As a gun, you will be given a gun and must kill the killer before they kill everyone in the area.

The last player is a civilian, their task is to find three clues that will help them get the gun to protect themselves. They will have to use their judgment and emergency handling skills to avoid being killed by murderers and guns.

For a murderer, keeping a close eye and fighting at the right time is extremely important. When the king turns to face you, you must bravely drop the knife immediately to avoid detection. Acting quickly and without showing any signs is the key to survival in this game.

Murder is not just a simple killing game, it is also a great thinking challenge. You will have to reason, consider every movement and behavior of others to find the murderer or the gun. The game gives players the thrill and thrill of having to solve complex mysteries in confined spaces.

Besides challenging reasoning and quick reactions, Murder also provides a new perspective on being a trustworthy king. You will face dangerous assassination attempts and must use all your experience as a consultant to prevent potential plots.

To become a professional Murder, you can participate in the game "Happy Wheels" to practice your skills. This game will help you improve your hand flexibility and responsiveness, two important factors in participating in this investigative game.

How to play:

Movement: Use the WASD keys to move the character in the game space.
Jump: Press the spacebar to jump up.

Get ready to join the thrilling and tense journey in the game Murder. Take every opportunity to show off your investigative talents and defeat the killer or protect the wise king. Maybe you will find wonderful and stimulating experiences when participating in this fascinating game!


Use mouse

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