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Granny Horror Village
Granny Horror Village

Granny Horror Village

"Granny Horror Village" is a free online first-person horror game that was available as of September 5, 2019. Please note that game details and features might have evolved or changed since then.


In "Granny Horror Village," players find themselves trapped in a terrifying and eerie environment. The objective is to escape from this haunted village by solving a series of challenging puzzles scattered throughout the area.

Horror Experience:

As a horror game, "Granny Horror Village" is designed to provide an intense and suspenseful gaming experience. Players must carefully observe their surroundings, as unexpected scares and encounters may occur during gameplay.

Graphics and Perspective:

The game boasts 3D graphics, which can enhance the overall immersion and atmosphere of the horror-themed environment. Being a first-person game means players view the game world from the perspective of the main character, heightening the sense of vulnerability and fear.


The control scheme for "Granny Horror Village" typically involves the following:

  • WASD: Use these keys to move the player character around the game world.
  • Space: Press the spacebar to make the character jump when necessary.
  • Shift: Hold down the shift key to make the character run, allowing for faster movement.


The game supports a resolution of 960 x 600, which is the screen size setting for the game.

As this game is an online title, players should be cautious when accessing gaming websites. Always ensure that you visit reputable and secure websites to play games to avoid potential security risks or malware.


Using Mouse

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